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Cape Town

'is an upbeat; summer pop hit and celebrates the beauty, passion Cape Town and glory of Cape Town and South Africa'


New Music



released 20th december 2019

“Concerning the whole album, it is about my experience in America over the past two years. I was only able to go as a result of my grandmother Bea – she believed in me enough to provide me the means by which to pursue my dream of becoming a musician. It is a collection of the past year of my life, the ups and the downs and finally all of the wonderful people that were a part of it. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity I was lucky to receive and hope to make my late Grandmother proud”.

'We love getting new music from around the globe, and Honeybee has us all smacking our lips... The album was preceded by a party pop tune called Cape Town and the full album is a delightful mix of jazz, pop, and folk'

- Top Hits UK

Jono graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music with a B.Mus. Performance Summa Cum Laude


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'Cape Town' has charted on several local stations in South Africa !


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